Protect your investment and have peace of mind while you are away.
Our Home Watch Service helps detect issues early,
which saves you money and hassle!

Home Watch Services:

  • Check operation of AC.
  • Ensure house water and hot water heater operating or “off” as instructed.
  • Inspect for visible signs of water leaks, pests and mold, including off odors.
  • Check operation of refrigerators & freezers, sink disposal, etc.
  • Removing junk mail/flyers from the front door.  

Other services:

  • Starting/running a vehicle
  • Watering plants
  • Checking and/or forwarding first class mail 
  • Flushing water lines 
  • Exercising elevators
  • Exercising electric storm shutters 
  • Changing accessible AC Filters 
  • Changing accessible smoke detector batteries 
  • Cycle dishwasher and washing machine, etc.